Tool-Tech AS and Sandvik Riser Technology AS have filed a joint patent application for production of hydraulic control valve manifolds and connector plate by means of Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP technique. Both Norwegian Patent and international PCT application has been approved. (International Publication Number WO 2008/150177 A1). The invention is ready for international patenting.

SS Control Module Manifold & Base Plate with actuated cartridge valves & Pressure Transmitters.

SCM internal assembly

HIP - mould.

Hot Isostatic Pressing, HIP`ing is a process for manufacturing near net shape parts for various applications. The Material quality of HIPèd material is better than for forged steel. (Heating with vacuum, sealing and heating at high pressure and temperature). The material used by Sandvik is super duplex - UNS S32550.


The HIP technique is used to avoid long gun drillings in a Subsea Control Module (SCM) base plate and manifold by laying up the bores by means of hydraulic tubing before the metal powder is filled into the mould.


There will be advantages with respect to flow through the embedded tubes rather than drilled channels.


Long gun drilling is challenging.

Pockets where dirt can collect can be avoided.


The new technique has advantages with respect to lay-out and integration of components. Bores can be introduced which would be impossible to make by drilling.


Manifold and base plate can be made in one piece if required.


Tool-Tech has done a preliminary design of a compact subsea control valve manifold to be combined with our patented subsea cartridge valve technology.  The manifold was designed with 24 off control valves, and pressure transmitters. The detailed design of the manifold has been reviewed by Sandvik Powder Metals AB. They have confirmed the feasibility of producing the manifold with the HIP’ing technique. The cost will be very competitive compared with the standard production methods.


Tool-Tech AS has looked at using HIP technique and our patented subsea cartridge valve technology for a Work over Riser Control Module to be used in a Work-Over Control System. The RCM

valve manifold can be integrated in a Special Riser Joint with the Sandvik ClilLocTM connector. Sandvik Riser Technology AS uses the HIP technique for production of their Work-Over riser connectors.


For technical details please contact Magne Rød, telephone +47 95784570.